10 Tips for Staying Healthy During Travel

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you my best tips for staying healthy during travel. If you’re like me and you travel almost every week for work while managing food allergies, easy wellness hacks are a lifesaver. This is the first post in a new section of my blog where I’ll be sharing some tips, tricks, recommendations, and learning opportunities to help us all grow together!

Whether you’re on the road for the most epic vacation in the world or headed on a business trip, treating your body right will help you stay happy, alert, present, and able to enjoy the amazing experiences your trip will bring.

Travelling while treating your body right can be easy, seamless, and inclusive if you’re traveling with a group. All you need is a great game plan. I’ve learned these tricks over some hard earned frequent flier miles and am really excited to share them with you! So here’s to you, road warrior. You’ve got this.

1- Come prepared with amazing snacks – Travel days can take some unexpected turns, but bringing your own food will keep you on the move with something nourishing ready to go at every step. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of flight delays, cancellations, and connecting flight sprints and know that I can’t necessarily count on grabbing something in the airport. It’s unfortunately not possible to slip hummus, cooked oats, or smoothies through security, but things like roasted chickpeas and healthy brownies are good to go and make the best snacks.

     I love bringing energy balls, paprika-roasted chickpeas  and black bean banana brownies  in my bag. They’re absolutely delicious (who doesn’t like an excuse to eat brownies!) and keep you happy and full for hours. Just be sure to prepare to share with the other passengers because they’re definitely going to ask for a piece! If I’m on a longer flight, I always bring Dr. McDougall’s oatmeal cups or rice ramen soups  and a packet of Justin’s almond butter.

     Bringing extra packets of superfoods with you is another great idea. It might sound a little funny to have them on hand, but trust me – they’re so worth it. Staying armed with potent doses of antioxidants, fiber, and omega-3s is such an amazing thing because they’ll allow you to pack your meals with tons of goodness even if you aren’t eating the perfect green smoothie every day for breakfast 😉 My favorite things to bring are chia and hemp seeds on the go. Whole Foods is just so amazing and has these chia seed packets  and super portable hemp seed bites .

     You’re definitely going to want an energy boost after a long flight. Coffee is always there, but if you, like me, don’t drink it and are looking for portable alternatives, try Maca and Matcha on the go. I recently tried these Macacchino latte packets and they’re so unbelievably good! If you’ve been following the blog over the past few months, you’ve probably noticed by slight obsession with Matcha tea powder. It’s absolutely delicious and wonderfully vitalizing. Matcha Love makes great travel-sized tins which are amazing to add to your almond milk for a matcha latte on the road.

Carolyn's Pantry - 10 tips for healthy travel


2 – Squeeze in greens whenever possible. Getting your greens is so important to amazing health, but can be so hard on the road. My first piece of advice on to take advantage of every opportunity to get some greens in. You see a sprig of kale or spinach on the menu, you order that sucker! One note of caution when you’re eating abroad is that, unfortunately, raw veggies are often not okay to eat and can cause you some major stomach bugs. You won’t, or course, get the same nutrient benefit from cooked veggies as you will raw ones, but they’ll still help lighten your meals and add a boost of fiber to your diet. A great sneaky tool that I love to have with me is spirulina powder! It’s so amazing to add to nut milks, granolas, coconut yogurts, or even your water if you’re looking for an extra boost of antioxidants and vitamins. You can even take them as a supplement in tablet form – Sun Chlorella makes my favorites.

      Another great way to make sure you get your greens is to search out a local juice bar nearby. It seems like 2016 has been the year of the new neighborhood juice bar, so there is very likely one nearby in your neighborhood. Yes, Google Maps is convenient, but it won’t necessarily tell you the best places for your body. My absolute favorite tool for finding the best organic pressed juice bars is Living Maxwell’s Organic Pressed Juice Directory It has everything – info on store locations, delivery options, wellness tips, and resources for connecting with an amazing online community. Try it out! You just type in your zip code and can refine by those with organic options, glass bottles, and filtered water. It even lets you know if the Whole Foods near you has a pressed juice bar! The site also aggregates yelp reviews, and features photos and store hours. Pretty Cool!

Drink Your Greens - Carolyn's Pantry


3 – Go shopping as soon as you land. I’m gonna confess something: Whole Foods is my jam. If you’re traveling in the States, odds are there is a Whole Foods in a city nearby the airport or train station. My boyfriend makes fun of me for this, but I always run to the nearest Whole Foods as soon as I land and it seems like I’m always calling him from their aisles. Many stores have cool brands, but honestly it’s the Whole Foods salad bar and juice bars that keep me coming back. They’re that good. Buy yourself some berries, oatmeal, healthy soups and snacks for your travel and you’ll be prepared enough to not reach for that mini bar or order in the often-greasy room service options. Win! It’s another plus that sustaining yourself on whole foods will make you be your best as you tackle whatever comes on your trip, be it that big presentation or that sunrise yoga class on the beach.


4 – Bring probiotics. No need to get into too much detail here 😉 but everyone knows that travel can often throw your system off and leave you feeling a bit unlike yourself. I’ve known so many people who have had chronic stomach issues exacerbated by travel until they found help with probiotics. What they are is a dose of natural “good bacteria” into your gut to help you break down food, efficiently absorb nutrients from your food, and stay shining all day. You can try adding probiotics into your travel diet in a few ways, the first of which is a daily supplement. I personally love Pb8  which you can get at almost any natural foods store and which doesn’t require refrigeration. Another great way of getting extra probiotics into your travel diet is to grab some kombucha! Kombucha, besides having a weird and hard-to-pronounce name, is a black tea that’s been fermented to give it a super dose of nutrients and some major probiotic power. There are so many kombucha brands that I’ve tried out there, but my favorite by far is Health Ade Kombucha  which tastes absolutely amazing and is free of extra sugar, carbonation, and exposure to plastic.


5 – Don’t drink on the plane. You’re welcome for writing perhaps the most boring piece of advice on the internet, but it really does help. Drinking on the plane sounds great, but it can really dehydrate you and leave with with much depleted energy when you land. Try instead bringing a favorite tea on board the plane! I love bringing some matcha powder or tea bags. I can only find them online since they left my local Whole Foods, but I’ll love them forever: Pukka teas. My favorites are the detox, love and cleanse teas. They also sell a lot of variety packs so you can try find your favorite!


6 – Get a move on. Bring those running shoes with you! I love going on a run in a new area when I land. It can be an amazing way to see a new city and will lead you into places you’ve never been before. Runkeeper is a great tool to track your distance, track your time, and share your results with friends for extra motivation. The best thing, though, is the ability to search for popular runs in your area across the US!

How to stay healthy while traveling - Carolyn's Pantry

7 – Embrace Youtube yoga. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: Youtube yoga. It’s just the best thing ever. Lay down your travel mat or even put down a hotel towel, and you’ve got your own personal yoga studio whenever you like. Starting and ending your day with 20-40 minute sessions of yoga really kickstarts yoru system and helps you to stretch and keep feeling amazing. Yoga with Adrienne has a huge variety of videos, all of which are beautifully shot, easy to follow, and fun to watch. She brings her great sense of humor to everything from yoga ab workouts to bedtime yoga.


8 – Spare the sugar. You won’t even crave it once you’ve packed all your fantastic snacks, showered your body with good greens, and eaten a nourishing meal of whole foods. Peanut M&Ms were always my favorite thing on trips, but I, after changing other parts of my diet, noticed how they sapped me of energy. Snack on fruit, drink extra water, or enjoy a delicious tea if you’re feeling those sugar cravings on the go and you’ll feel instantly better.


9 – Unpack as soon as you arrive at your hotel. Bring a candle too! No shame here – I heard this tip at the Taylor Swift 1985 World Tour concert. Yep! Taylor was talking to whole crowd about life on the road and told how unpacking everything in her bag no matter how short her stay was and bringing candles for the room made any hotel room feel like a home. I loved this tip and tried it for myself – it really does help you sleep better, make your clothes stay nicer, and make you forget that you’re on the road.


10 – Don’t stress out. Travel should be fun!

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling - Carolyn's Pantry

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  1. Great ideas, Carolyn! As a former flight attendant, I am all too familiar with the over priced, full of salt, fat, sugar, and calories choices available in airports. Not to mention, who knows how long those items have been languishing on the concourse shelves. Your suggestions are great also for long (or short) car trips. How many times have you been out running errands, suddenly feel hungry and pull into the nearest fast food outlet for a quick snack of salt and fat — ugh! So much better to keep a little bag of emergency snacks, like a zip-loc baggie of your roasted chick peas, in the car for a much healthier pick me up!

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