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Hi! I’m Carolyn and welcome to my (virtual) pantry! I’m on a mission to prove you can cook the most healthy, delicious, nourishing, and elegant meals of your life on any given busy weeknight. Every single recipe on this site is 100% vegan and requires 30 minutes or less, 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 1 pot.

 I’m a foodie, CMO, aspiring ladyboss, and veggie lover in my mid-twenties living in gorgeous Davis, CA. Carolyn’s Pantry is about showing that there is always time to make something easy and healthy even if you don’t think you have time to cook. You’ll notice that everything on this site requires minimal prep, only basic cooking skills, and just a few key ingredients. What you won’t notice is the fact that everything on my site is 100% vegan, made with whole foods, and free of refined sugars and flour because it’s all so crazy delicious.

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My passion for glorious veggies and healthy eating wasn’t something I always had in my life. I was someone with a giant sweet tooth (well no – I still have a giant sweet tooth) who ate a pretty normal American diet. That diet though was one that didn’t make me feel so great. Doctors told me that the symptoms making me so uncomfortable were normal. What I decided was that feeling this “normal” way wasn’t how I wanted to feel and wasn’t going to be how I led my life.

I started reading everything I could about plant-based eating and cooking every recipe I could get my hands on, but found that most recipes weren’t written for the time-crunched foodie who works. What I wanted to do was create recipes so easy and delicious that people wouldn’t have to decide between living their amazing, crazy lives and eating healthy.

Every recipe on this site is 100% original and is something I make myself in my own small kitchen. I post easy recipes for everything from desserts to breakfasts and salads at least once per week and also post a new video on my Youtube channel about once per week.



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