Food Should Make You Feel Amazing

Why Eating Healthy Means Eating to Feel Amazing

If you start to ask yourself why it is that so many people are so interested in health and fitness, you’ll realize that what everyone really wants is something very simple: to FEEL AMAZING! Isn’t that the point of eating good food? 

Staying healthy nowadays can feel like a full time job. Instagram and Snapchat are fantastic tools for sharing positive stories and examples of healthy living, but aren’t exactly real life. We live in this absolutely amazing time where people are so interested in health, wellness, and healthy eating. That’s an incredible thing, but it also means that there is so much information out there giving a thousand different definitions of what it actually is to be healthy. I wanted to write a quick post about this topic and let you know my own thoughts on health and food labels.

What if instead of picking our food according to what diet we think it falls under or how many calories it has, we picked it simply according to how it makes us feel? All of the sudden, food becomes something positive and powerful! Eating to feel amazing means loving yourself enough to choose foods that make you feel like the superstar that you are! Being healthy doesn’t meant being perfect and you don’t have to eat kale at every meal to be a healthy person. Even if you do something as simple as switching to a green or berry smoothie for breakfast each day because it just plain makes you feel good, that’s a HUGE thing!

When I decided I wanted to change the way I ate, I did it because I wanted to change the way I felt, not how much I weighed. I eat a plant-based diet full of greens, berries, beets, quinoa, chickpeas, and so many other fantastic foods because they make me feel like a million bucks. My choice to avoid dairy, meat, or refined sugar is one that I made because I don’t feel so hot after eating those foods, not because I feel I have to ascribe to a certain food label. Vegan food, for example, can still be unhealthy and loaded with sugar and oil. Gluten-free cupcakes and brownies are fantastic for those with serious allergies, but are often not any healthier than normal sweets. “Healthy” transcends food labels because it’s about eating good, whole food that nourishes you. It’s about getting in tune with your body and figuring out what it needs. Do what makes you feel amazing because it’s right for you, not because it’s what you think you should be doing. Thinking this way is the best for making positive changes that last.

When people ask me what my diet label is, I like to simply say “I eat a whole lot of veggies” because eating them has brought the biggest shift in my health. You might think I’m lying to you when I say that I crave veggies, nuts, and sweet potatoes more than I crave chocolate and ice cream, but it’s absolutely true! Eating to feel amazing is about learning what it really feels like to be at your happiest, healthiest self. I used to have the biggest sweet tooth imaginable and would crave chocolate, sugary cereal, and gummy bears almost constantly. Satisfying these cravings felt good for about 30 seconds, but then this food quickly made me feel terrible. As I switched my diet I found myself craving how food made me feel and my whole relationship with food shifted. Suddenly, food was something that empowered me!

Food should make you feel amazing and you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy. Remembering these two truths helped me on my own path to health and I hope they do the same for you. The recipes on this blog are healthy and delicious because they’re made with good, pure ingredients that will make your body sing. They also just so happen to be plant-based and free of refined grains and sugar 😉


Let’s remember what being healthy eating is all about: feeling AMAZING!
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